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N-Bone 3-Rings Puppy Teething Ring, Chicken Flavor

N-Bone 3-Rings Puppy Teething Ring, Chicken Flavor

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N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring Natural Chew Treat Chicken Flavor 3 pack (3 Chew Rings)

Growing new teeth is tough work! Sore gums and a strong urge to chew while cutting new teeth can turn your precious puppy into a whirlwind of destruction. N-Bone® Puppy Teething Rings are easy for floppy puppy paws to hold onto and provide a soothing and appropriate outlet for chewing. Formulated with DHA and calcium to support your puppy’s unique nutritional needs, our delicious chicken flavored rings are pliable and won’t damage immature teeth. Try N-Bone® Puppy Teething rings today!

  • Satisfies urge to chew
  • DHA for healthy brain development
  • All natural
  • Wheat, corn, and soy free

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